Board of Directors Elections


There are 3 vacancies on the Board of Directors, with an election to be held at the upcoming Annual General Meeting on January 28, 2020. There are four candidates that have indicated their intention to stand for election.

The nominees are: John Lamberink, Helmut Tinnes and Savio Wong.

John Lamberink

I started as a director of a credit union in 1995 and Education Credit Union in 2016, because I wanted to represent our members’ best interests. I realized the need to grow professionally to enhance the skillset needed to successfully fulfill the role of director. I attained my Credit Union Director Achievement (CUDA) Directors’ Certificate, as well as my Accredited Canadian Credit Union Directors (ACCUD) accreditation, which has enabled me to bring a wider and deeper perspective to the board table. I also continue to take professional development courses both inside and outside of the credit union system to enhance my knowledge and skills as a director.

I believe our role as directors is foremost to oversee the sound financial management of our members’ money and to set the strategic direction of our credit union. As the system consolidates and grows, we, as directors, need to look to continue to be both responsive and responsible to our membership. As a life-long learner, I strive to bring value to the board by always looking for answers through asking questions, listening to all the responses and looking beyond the face value. I recognize that the financial business environment has permanently changed and continues to evolve at an exponential rate. We as a board, need to be aware of these challenging business market conditions and be proactive in our strategic position.

I am asking for your support to allow me to continue to represent your best interests on our board.

Helmut Tinnes

As a recently retired principal with the Waterloo Region District School Board and a member of Education Credit Union for more than 30 years, I offer my candidacy to become a director on the ECU Board of Directors. In addition to my responsibilities that I had as an employee with the WRDSB, I served as a director on two Not for Profit Organizations - The Ontario Principals' Council (17 years) and Curriculum Services Canada (Nine years). I served in various capacities on these boards including holding executive positions of vice president and vice chairperson. I have been recognized as a creative, dynamic and innovative leader in leadership, strategic planning and governance and ethics while leading cross-functional teams, navigating complex organization issues and communicating with all stakeholders. It's important for me to maintain a learning mindset not only to keep my eyes open to the many issues important to the diverse ECU members, but also to remain humble in order to continue to grow and learn. It is my intention to be an active board member by listening and responding to the needs of the membership, collaboratively developing effective outcomes that meet the current and future demands of the credit union and making informed decisions that reflect the mission and vision of ECU. With my comprehensive knowledge, experience and skillset, I believe I would be a strong candidate to complement and enhance the current board of directors.

Savio Wong

I was first elected as a director for Education Credit Union in 2015, after a period as a shadow director on the board. This job is a steep learning curve for someone who doesn’t have a background in the finance industry. However, I enjoy a challenge and my background in computer science means that I love reading spreadsheets. So, after five plus years, I am pleased to report that I know what to look for when presented with a financial statement or a balanced scorecard. I know the difference between an item that is off-the-book vs an amount that is immaterial. And I have added many acronyms such as DICO, FSRA, QTD, and NAV to my vocabulary!

I became a member of the ECU when I received my first teaching assignment in 1985. I remember opening an account in a tiny room at the Education Centre. I still remember my puzzlement when I was told I couldn’t get cash at the branch. The reason I joined then and the reason I remain a member is because I believe in the cooperative principles. Although ECU functions like a bank, we are different from a bank; we truly put the interests of our people before profits. For me, remaining a director is both a way for me to give back to the community and to ensure ECU adheres to the cooperative spirit.


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