Scholarships at ECU

We understand the value of post-secondary education for students in any stage of life. Through our partnerships with University of Waterloo, Wilfrid Laurier University and the Waterloo Region District School Board, as well as the Ontario Credit Union Foundation, we are proud to offer a variety of awards, scholarships and bursaries for those looking to attend post-secondary school in Ontario.

Education Credit Union can also provide you with a free student account, low rate education borrowing, and many other services to students in Ontario.

Dennis Daub Scholarship

For the last 6 years, Education Credit Union has offered the Dennis Daub Scholarship, named after Dennis Daub who was the CEO of Education Credit Union for 31 years before he officially retired in 2011. Dennis’ association with the credit union dates back to the year it was formed in 1972, when he worked for the Waterloo Region District School Board and served on the ECU Board of Directors until he assumed the role of General Manager in 1979.

2019 Dennis Daub Scholarship Winners

Education Credit Union is proud to present the hardworking students selected to receive the 2019 Dennis Daub Scholarship.  The exemplary winners are:

Erin - Wilfrid Laurier University

Helen - Queen's University

Congratulations to Helen & Erin!  We are confident these ladies will succeed with greatness as they begin their post-secondary education and prepare for their future careers.

A formal presentation of the awards took place on June 20, 2019 at the Education Credit Union Waterloo Branch.

OCUF CU Succeed Youth Bursary

Education Credit Union is proud to be a member of the Ontario Credit Union Foundation, and donate to the OCUF CU Succeed Youth Bursary. Education Credit Union CEO, Gary Renouf, commented, “With our strong association with educators, we very much encourage and want to support post-secondary education and love the fact OCUF has made a big commitment in this regard with the CU Succeed Youth Bursary. Furthermore, we are pleased to join so many of our peer credit unions in helping to increase the visibility of credit unions in Ontario.”

These awards range from $1,000 to $3,000, awarding up to a total of $100,000 in awards in 2019. For information on the bursary or to apply, visit the website at

UWSA Scholarship and Bursary Program

Being part of the education sector in Waterloo Region, ECU is happy to partner with the University of Waterloo Staff Association (UWSA) to co-sponsor an annual award for undergraduate and graduate students at the University of Waterloo.

This year, Education Credit Union was happy to award $5,000 to UWSA to supplement these awards. UWSA President Lawrence Folland visited our Waterloo branch on July 8, 2020, for a socially distanced presentation of the funds with our CEO Gary Renouf.

To find out more about the variety of scholarships and awards through UWSA, visit the University of Waterloo Staff Association Scholarship page.

WLUSA Scholarship and Bursary Program

ECU has also partnered with the Wilfrid Laurier Staff Association (WLUSA) to sponsor and support a scholarship program for full or part-time students at Wilfrid Laurier University. To find out more about the variety of scholarships and awards through Wilfrid Laurier University, visit the Wilfrid Laurier University Scholarship page.

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"Coming in to university I was really worried about how I would pay for my education because the costs are so high and I had very little savings due to financial issues. So this scholarship really took a burden off my shoulders and allowed me to just focus on school and get involved again like in high school. I am very appreciative of this scholarship and how stress-free it has allowed me to be. I'd like to send a big thank you to everybody involved in allowing me to receive this scholarship, and to Dennis Daub for doing this every year for students like myself. Good luck and best wishes with picking a winner for this year!" -Shyanne Langer, 2014 Dennis Daub Scholarship Winner

"I am very grateful to have received the Dennis Daub Scholarship in 2013. Financially, the award helped cover first-year expenses such as textbooks, parking passes, and gas costs. Personally, the application process allowed me to look ahead at possible opportunities to pursue after university, which made me excited about entering my program. When searching for scholarships, definitely pursue the ones that you are passionate about; when applying for scholarships, allow your passion to shine through. Not sure what you're passionate about? Scholarship applications are a good way to discover what excites you!" -Eric Boehm, 2013 Dennis Daub Scholarship Winner