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Online International Remittance is here!

Online International Remittance (OIR) provides an alternative to wires, drafts and cheques by allowing you to send money internationally from a desktop computer or a web-enabled mobile device through the Interac® e-Transfer system. With this product, you can send payments to over 500,000 Western Union Agent locations in more than 200 countries and territories through MemberDirect® Online Banking. This process takes 30 minutes, unlike most person-to-person payment services that rely on technology, which can take multiple days to process!
Fine details (In Canadian dollars):
  • A minimum of $10 must be sent
  • Default limits are as follows:
    • Per transaction Maximum Value: $999.99
    • Daily Maximum Value: $999.99
    • Weekly (7-day rolling) Maximum Value: $2,999.97
    • Monthly (30 day rolling) Maximum Value: $6,999.93
* The Online International Remittance service is restricted to non-business accounts.

Interac e-Transfer® Enhanced User Features

Two more features from Interac® e-Transfer that you're going to love!

Request Money

A cool way to say you owe me money or an important tool to streamline payments. Easily request money that you are owed or use it as a friendly reminder when friends or family may have forgotten to pay you back. Using online or mobile banking select a contact, enter an amount and an account where funds are to be deposited as part of the request. There is even an option to add a personalized message or an invoice number if it's for a business! An Interac® e-Transfer notification will then be sent to the contact. Once they receive the notification, they can fulfill the request by logging into their online banking, and the funds will be immediately deposited into your bank account.


Interac® e-Transfer is easier with the new autodeposit feature that is a secure way to receive money without having to answer security questions for every transaction. Autodeposit is designed by linking your email address to a bank account at ECU - A Division of WFCU Credit Union. When an Interac® e-Transfer is sent the payment will automatically be deposited in the bank account associated with that email address. You will receive a notification that funds were deposited. There is no longer a need to select your Financial Institution, login to online banking and answer a security question!

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® Trademark of Interac Inc, used under license.

Additional services and special opportunities include:

  • Certified cheques
  • Bank drafts
  • Wire transfers
  • Pre-authorized debits
  • Deposit Anywhere™
  • Foreign currency
  • Foreign currency bank drafts
  • Safe deposit boxes
  • Direct deposit
  • Payroll deduction for the educational community, BWXT Canada, Canadian General Tower and Rockwell Automation
  • Travel Services
  • Discounts

For further information of any of these services, contact your branch.


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"I have used the e-transfer function a couple of times lately and found it to be very easy to do and quite user friendly. Always a pleasure to walk into the bank and see the smiles on all your faces which proves you like working there and appreciate the customers."
Jeff, Kitchener