Youth Accounts

FAT CATĀ® Account

Open a higher interest and fee-free savings account for your children ages 12 and under. Opening an account is the start of good banking habits. Children can watch their money grow, develop the practice of saving by making deposits from allowances and reading their statements online. Many parents also like to arrange automatic deposits through their own payroll deduction.

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For teens ages 13-17, open a higher interest and fee-free savings account. Whether you’re saving your birthday money or depositing your first paycheque, the HEADSTART youth account is designed just for teenagers, so savings can grow quickly. Teens who are big savers can invest in GICs for a minimum deposit of $500 – a really smart way to protect and nurture long-term savings! Teens can access their accounts through a debit card, online, and by their mobile device with free ECU Mobile App.


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